About Indonesia Mural(IM):

We are the leading professional artists in Indonesia, with the connection toward the local and international artists, that have the special skill in term of artwork creations of mural. In addition, the experience of making mural by Indonesia Mural (IM) artists has enabled us to craft another related artwork such as digital illustration design, and face sketching, face painting, even carricature from another perspective than usual by focusing on the detail and the artwork proportion.

About Mural:

Mural is basically a painting that is executed in the permanent place, especially wall, ceiling in any form of texture. This mural is normaly made in order to make an interior place and spot look attractive. Second, if it is made in the outdoor medias then mural can normally be made as a part of commercial promotion objectives. By using mural, then it wil make your places to be unique as how you might need and want it through the custom mural that we made.

Why Mural?

Mural can be made for the usage of interior and outdoor needs as how you want it to be. It can be suited to be flexible with the shape of the room and places, even in the other side it will fulfill your taste of design. As one of the guarantee, we used various technique and materials that will be specially designed for the needs and wants of each cases. It was done in order to make a qualified and enduring artwork. Mural that we, Indonesia Mural (IM), craft can also be customized with the media that you want starting from wall, canvas, wood, multiplex, digital sticker, wallpaper, or any…

Location of Mural Creation:

The unique thing from the mural creation is that mural can be used in various locations starting from interior of housing, office, restaurant, cafe, hotel, room, and even unique spot such as billboard. In another word, mural can also be made as one of the media in doing promotional activities and fun activities such as through 3D trick art.